Melanie has worked in various roles at Luminus since 2012 and now works as our Anti Social Behaviour Officer – an important role in helping to make our communities safer. We get a glimpse into what her working day looks like.

How would you summarise your job?

I support individuals and communities that are experiencing anti-social behaviour and work with tenants to promote positive behaviour.

I work very closely with many partner organisations, both to ensure our customers receive the care and support they require but also to ensure we can address unacceptable behaviour in the most effective way.

To manage my case load of 30 cases I make regular visits to those involved and attend regular outcome-focused meetings with the police, social care, education, local authorities, mental health and Huntingdon District Council.

What does your working day involve?

My work consists of meetings with residents and tenants that are experiencing or have been accused of anti-social behaviour.  As part of my investigations I take statements and gather evidence of incidents and/or assess support needs. Some of these appointments are carried out jointly with the Police or other support services such as the Tenant Support Services.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy making a difference and this can often be achieved through partnership meetings such as the Community Safety Partnership Problem Solving Group, where action plans are formulated to tackle anti-social behaviour.

I get a real sense of achievement and satisfaction from seeing that the work of the Anti-Social Behaviour Team does makes real changes to how people behave, allowing residents to enjoy their homes and live peaceful lives.

What motto do you live by?

“If you are not happy with something in your life, have the courage to do what you need to change it”

It is very daunting admitting that something is not right in your life and realise that you have the power to choose a different path.
I believe that we all have the control of our own destiny; you just need to choose which path you want to take.

What else are you involved in outside of your role?

I really enjoy being part of the many community events that we attend throughout the year.

I am now looking forward to this years Celebration of Christmas which has become a major part of my personal festive celebrations.