Nicole has worked in Procurement and Fleet Management since 2013 – an important role in keeping our Tradesmen out and about repairing our homes, and our Wardens and Officers out in our communities to help making them better places to live. Here we get a glimpse into what her working day looks like.


What does your working day involve?


My job involves looking after the vans at Luminus. I book recovery of the vans when they break down, servicing, MOT, etc. I book driver training for new starters and allocate the new vans. When we order a new van I organise the tracker and signage. I also do procurement, which can involve me buying anything from a pen to a generator.


What do you enjoy most about your role?


I most enjoy the interaction with my colleagues, they make me laugh and we get on well. The whole of the Finance Team are good to work with and make every day a joy. The Tradesmen are always helpful and I enjoy talking to them and trying to solve their van issues.


What else are you involved in outside of your role?


I try to get involved with most work events, from being on the Luminus float at the St Ives Carnival to our recent Big Tidy Up in Oxmoor.

Outside of work I enjoy watching films, reading and looking after my two boys who both keep me busy!


What motto do you live by?


“Treat people how you would like to be treated”

A great motto to live by to help you to be a better person and be a good example to others.