We are committed to helping you reduce the risk of fire in your home. 

Please follow the guidance below to ensure your and your family’s safety:

  • Ensure you have at least one working smoke alarm correctly placed in your home and test your alarm weekly.
  • If you discover a fire dial 999, alert everyone else in the home, leave by the safest route, or follow fire instructions.
  • Do not fight a fire yourself no matter how small it may be. Call the Fire Service.
  • Make sure fire doors are kept shut and not propped open.
  • Do not go back into your home for personal items.
  • Do not leave combustible items in corridors, outside refuse stores and refuse chutes, or close to the perimeter of your home.
  • Do not store large amounts of flammable or combustible materials in or around your home.
  • Do not block fire exit doors or escape routes in communal areas or in your own home.
  • Do dispose of waste responsibly.
  • Do have an escape plan in the event of fire for you and your family that they all understand.
  • If you become trapped by fire or smoke retreat to the furthest part of your home, closing all doors behind you. Open a window and shout for help.
  • Dial 999 and tell the Fire Service where you are in the property, they can give fire survival advice.
  • Do report any fire risks to your Neighbourhood Warden or Officer or contact our Service Centre on 0345 850 9994.

Home oxygen safety

Home oxygen provides a better quality of life for people with respiratory health problems.

Caution is needed around home oxygen systems, because the presence of oxygen in the air can allow flammable objects to burn more easily. People using home oxygen should inform family and visitors that oxygen is being used and take safety precautions.

Objects in the presence of excess oxygen burn more readily if they are ignited. So clothing, bedding and furniture may catch fire more easily if exposed to a flame. Keep all areas well ventilated.

Store oxygen cylinders or supply equipment in open rooms, not in storage rooms or closed closets.

Do you have an oxygen cylinder in your home? If you do, please notify our Service Centre on 0345 850 9994.