Please see this information if you have pests or rodents in your home:


If necessary we will raise an order to treat or remove bees, but only if they are attached to a property (this does not include sheds/fences). However, we would prefer not to take this option but keep the bees in their natural environment. It is important to find out what type of bees you have. We receive the highest number of calls about masonry bees.


Luminus will arrange for a pest controller to treat/remove wasps’ nests if they are attached to a property. This does not include sheds or fencing.


Luminus will only pay for a pest controller to treat/remove rodents if they are in a communal living space, i.e. within a block of flats.

Ants/flying ants

Luminus does not pay for the treatment of ants. Please see the HDC's page on pests for advice.


Please note we cannot legally disturb nesting birds. Once birds have flown their nest we will happily raise repairs to prevent future access.

Reporting pests/rodents

If your issue is listed above as one we deal with, please contact our Service Centre.