Condensation can be problematic, particularly during the colder months. Here you can find out more how you can reduce condensation in your home.

Please watch our short video with advice about reducing condensation and mould in your home.


You can also download our Guide to Reducing Condensation, which covers the following:

  • Condensation, what is it?
  • Where does it occur?
  • What you can expect from Luminus
  • How can I reduce condensation?
  • If I already have mould in my home how do I get rid of it?
  • How can I recognise condensation?

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Resident Success Case Study

In January 2015, Ms P, a Luminus resident in Ramsey, was experiencing mould growth in her bedroom. She tried to clean it off her wallpaper but without success, so she had to remove the wallpaper. In doing so, some of the plaster fell from the wall behind. She suspected she this was due to damp in her home and reported it to our Neighbourhood Warden who was visiting the area.

We arranged an inspection and during this visit, investigations using a damp meter found there was actually no damp within the wall. Instead we found that the mould growth was actually due to condensation forming on the wallpaper.

Our Damp Inspector showed Ms P how easily mould can be cleaned from surfaces using household items such as anti-bacterial wipes, and provided her with advice on cleaning areas to stop mould forming in the first place. She was advised that mould normally forms in areas where there is limited air movement and so she agreed to move her bed and other bedroom furniture away from the walls to improve air circulation.

Ms P was also shown how easily she could prevent condensation forming by managing the build-up of moisture in the air in her home through ventilating her home using the window trickle vents and open windows and also by heating her home with a continuous low background heat.

Two months later our Damp Inspector returned to carry out a follow-up visit. He found that there were no signs of condensation or mould and that the area was well ventilated. Ms P had closely followed all of his advice and she happily reported that she no longer had an issue.

Ms P is delighted that she has been able to get rid of this problem, and is glad to now know what she can do to prevent condensation or mould from forming in her home again in the future.