If you have debts, and are struggling to make your repayments, the worst thing you can do is just to ignore it. Take action now!

There are things you can do to help reduce your debts:

  • Work out a budget. Try to reduce your outgoings, or increase your income.
  • Contact your creditors. By law, credit card and loan companies are meant to help you if you get into debt with them. Luminus will always help our tenants who get into arrears. However, no creditor can help people if they don’t know that you’re struggling with bills.
  • Pay your priority debts first. These are rent, Council Tax, court fines, child maintenance, income tax, utility charges (e.g. gas / electricity, water, TV licence).
  • If you need a loan over a short term, try a credit union first.
  • Avoid using ‘loan sharks’ or short-term money lending websites - some online lenders can charge you more than 2000% APR in interest on the amount you borrow!

You can get good advice from local debt advice agencies such as: