There are a number of groups and charities in each locality that do great work to help improve the community. “Giving something back” is key to regenerating our society and mending 'broken Britain'.

Through working together with these groups and charities we are able to have the maximum impact in the community. Being a active member of one of these groups is a great way to contribute, support and encourage others to get involved in their area.

Community Groups

Eynesbury Village Association - EVA is committed to improving the lives of Eynesbury residents.

Oxmoor Community Action Group - OCAG is committed to improving the lives of the residents on Oxmoor


Coneygear Park Snack Shack

Community Navigators

Volunteering Opportunities

Time Bank UK - Time Bank is a way for people to share their knowledge and skills and be rewarded for it in time. 

St Neots Time Bank

St Ives Time Bank

Somersham Time Bank

Ramsey Million - Little Miracles

Farcet Community Association



MAGPAS - MAGPAS is an emergency medical charity that provides pre-hospital critical care and retrieval in the East of England.

Kick youth - Kick is a registered charity set up with the aim of “aspiring to improve life”, working with local schools and organisations to help young people across Cambridgeshire transition into adulthood.

LAD (Life Amid Debt) - LAD is a registered charity offering a free, confidential service to people facing money and debt problems in Cambridgeshire.

Local food banks:

Illuminate - lluminate is a registered charity helping people who have experienced a setback in life to rebuild self-confidence, enabling sustainable positive changes and improving their life for the better.


For more infomation about groups and activities or ways to get invoved in your area please visit the website.