• Police, crime & emergency services

    For more information on numbers to call, including emergency services in your area.

  • Councils

    Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) contact numbers and important points of contact.

  • Home maintenance

    Home maintenance is an important part of looking after your home.

  • Furniture & household goods

    Help with furniture removal and access to cheaper household goods.

  • Specialist support

    Contact details for specialist support services.

  • Money matters

    Help understanding your financial situation.

  • Jobs & careers

    If you are looking for employment or would like career advice, there are various organisations that can help you.

  • Services for the elderly

    Details of local organisations committed to helping and supporting older people.

  • Mental health & counselling

    We recognise that your mental health and well-being are vital to you maintaining your tenancy successfully.

  • Families, childcare & carer support

    There are many organisations available to support you and your child.

  • Foodbanks

    Rising costs of food and fuel combined with static income, high unemployment and changes to benefits are causing more and more people to go to foodbanks for help.

  • Spring advice

    Here you can find useful information, tips and resources for the spring season.

  • Homes for Britain

    The National Housing Federation launched the “Homes for Britain” campaign to highlight the huge demand for more homes in Britain.

  • Important safety notices

    Keeping you informed of important safety notices, such as scams, product recalls and other issues.

  • Top tips for keeping safe

    Read our top tips to help you stay safe and healthy in your home and out and about this year.