We always aim to respond quickly and efficiently to your enquiries. We also welcome your comments, compliments and complaints, so we can learn from your feedback.

You can get in touch with us by:

  • phoning 0345 266 9760 (calls are charged at local rate)
  • writing to us at Luminus Group, Brook House, Ouse Walk, Huntingdon PE29 3QW
  • visiting our head office at Brook House
  • requesting a home visit
  • using our online form located in the tab below
  • downloading our complaint form and posting it to the addess above.
  • Please complete the following form to submit your enquiry.

    Please ensure that all fields marked with an asterix (*) are completed.

    Thank you for completing this form, please ensure that you press the 'Submit' button.

  • We can usually answer most of your enquiries immediately.

    We can normally provide the you the information you need straight away or we may advise you to speak to your Neighbourhood Officer. We may also advise you to contact another organisation, e.g. Huntingdonshire District Council.

    If our Customer Relations Team cannot deal with your enquiry, they will forward it to the relevant manager, who will contact you within 10 working days.

    If you’re not happy with our response, you have the option of making a complaint.

  • Not satisfied with the standard of our service?

    If you are not happy with the standard of our service, or the way one of our staff or contractors has behaved, you may want to make a complaint. We will do all we can to find out what has gone wrong, and put things right.

    We operate a two-stage complaints process:

    Stage 1

    When you contact us with your complaint, we will acknowledge it within five working days. We will let you know:

    • who is dealing with your complaint
    • the reference number for your complaint, and
    • when you can expect a reply – we will try to respond within another 21 working days, but if the complaint is complex, we may only provide a partial reply at this stage. We will provide you with regular updates until we can send our full response.

    Stage 2

    If you still aren’t satisfied, please contact us again within 21 days of hearing from us.

    You can choose how we review our decision:

    Option 1

    Our Executive Director examines your complaint. We will acknowledge your request within five working days and try to respond within a further 21 working days.

    Option 2

    A personal hearing at our head office, during business hours, with the Luminus Complaints Panel and a Board member. We will send you the date and time of the hearing within 10 working days. The hearing will take place within three months of you requesting it. After the hearing, we will send a detailed reply within 10 working days.

    Our decision at this stage will be final.

    Taking the complaint to a ‘designated person’

    If you are unsatisfied with our final response, you can refer your complaint to an MP, a councillor or a tenants’ panel recognised by us and registered with the Independent Housing Ombudsman. They will either try to resolve the problem, or refer your complaint in writing directly to the Ombudsman.

    Alternatively, if you wait eight weeks, you can refer your complaint directly to the Housing Ombudsman Service.

    The Housing Ombudsman Service will review your complaint and respond.

    To contact the Ombudsman, write to 81 Aldwych, London WC2B 4HN, phone 0300 111 3000, or email info@housing-ombudsman.org.uk

    Putting things right

    If we agree that our service was poor, we will try to put things right. We may send you a written apology, or offer you compensation. This will not always be money; for example, it might replace items that have been damaged.


    Persistent complaints

    Please note that we won’t investigate your complaint any further, if:

    • It has already been through our complaints process and to the Independent Housing Ombudsman
    • You keep complaining about the same or trivial issues
    • You repeatedly call, email, text, fax, visit or make personal approaches.