• Your tenancy agreement

    Your rights and responsibilities as our resident and ours as your landlord.

  • Altering your home

    If you’re a Secure or Assured tenant (but not an Assured Shorthold tenant), you have the right to alter your home, providing you get our written permission first.

  • Sub-letting & lodgers

    If you are considering sub-letting part of your home or taking in a lodger, please ensure you familiarise yourself with our rules to make sure you do not breach your tenancy conditions.

  • Your right to buy your home

    You may be eligible to buy your home under the Government's 'Right to Buy Scheme'.

  • Update my details

    We need up-to-date details about you and your household, so that we can carry on providing you with homes and services that meet your needs.

  • What you can expect from Luminus

    We aim to provide the highest quality affordable homes and excellent customer service.