• Lifeline alarm system

    Lifeline is a community alarm system which enables you to call for help or reassurance if you feel unwell or have an accident whilst alone in you home.

  • Substance misuse

    Please review this section for more information on dealing with problems relating to substance misuse.

  • Mental health & wellbeing

    To successfully manage your tenancy we recognise that good mental health and well-being are vital. We work with other agencies to help support our residents that need that little bit of extra help.

  • Support around domestic violence

    We have an experienced Anti-Social Behaviour Officer who is trained to offer support if you are suffering from physical, psychological, sexual or emotional abuse.

  • Support for family members

    If someone in your family has additional support needs, there are organisations that can help.

  • Support for parents

    Parenting requires all kinds of skills, please see the section for more information and support.

  • Support for teenage mothers

    There are support services to provide specialist help for young parents.