We put tenants and residents at the heart of our work. We value your feedback, because it helps us to shape and improve our services, as well as making your neighbourhoods better places to live in.

Ways you can get involved

To involve as many of you as possible, we provide lots of different ways for you to give us your views. Some take just a few minutes, others involve meeting with us or playing a formal role in our work.

Ways to get involved include:

  • Becoming a Tenant Board Member
  • Attending our Residents' Conferences
  • Joining one of the many special interest groups
  • Responding to surveys and questionnaires – some about our overall work, others about particular services
  • Taking part in focus groups to discuss services, policies and other matters
  • Becoming a mystery shopper (checking out the services we provide and reporting back to us)
  • Setting up your own local residents’ group (see the Your Neighbourhood section for more information).


Find out more

If you’re interested in getting involved, phone our Communications Team on 01480 428708 or email getinvolved@luminus.org.uk